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The World Science Festival wrapped June 4, after 50 events held in venues across New York City. This was the tenth anniversary festival, and by all accounts it was another successful outing. Many of the sessions, touching on a broad variety of topics, can be found online on the World Science Festival’s YouTube Channel.

Peruse the topics for something that interests you, but we might recommend a session on the accelerating expansion of the universe, and the theories of dark matter that seek to explain it – or this session on “artificial creativity” or the ability to craft or collaborate with creative machines.

If 90-minute sessions are not your thing, then consider shorter pieces (such as this one) from The Moth, which tells surprising science stories. Finally, although this is not from the 2017 World Science Festival, you can enjoy this piece from festival co-founder Brian Greene, on his effort to bring the excitement of Einstein’s relativity discoveries to the stage.

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