Religion and science speak to two different spheres.  Science speaks to understanding the universe in which we live and it doesn’t pass moral judgments in any way.  Religion tells you how to structure your life, how to live a moral life, how to interact with members of your family, with other people.  And in some cases gives you a view of the life hereafter.  

I’m Jewish, but I’m not religious, and I see no conflict between religion and science.  I respect people who are religious. Many people who are religious make wonderful contributions to science if they’re interested in doing it.  

I think it’s unfortunate if religious beliefs interfere with science because science is the way we make progress.  Where would we be if it wasn’t for scientific advances?  Look at just the Internet in the last decade -- a fantastic scientific advance. Our understanding of the mind -- a fantastic scientific advance. All of modern medicine.  So I think we ought to be aware that these are two different spheres that have their own areas of relevance.

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