An App That Helps You Find Tacos Might Save the World

There's a million apps out there, and if you look through all of them they're doing remarkable things. 

An App That Helps You Find Tacos Might Save the World

How do we solve a problem like world hunger? We get from here to there not necessarily in a grand leap, but through thousands of little steps.  In fact, a social app that helps you find tacos might in fact lead to something great.  

Zuckerberg was trying to find a better way to meet dates and to socialize in college and it made it seem like a fairly narrow application but it created Facebook with a billion users and has had implications politically and so forth.  You never know where these things will lead to.

We have a competitive landscape.  The iPhone 12 is not going to look like the current one. They're going to be embedded in our clothing and in our eyeglasses.  They'll make their ways into our bodies.  They basically will have many ways of creating these gateways to the cloud and the cloud will make us more intelligent one way or another.

The best advice I have for innovation is to find something where you really have a passion for. Maybe you do an app that helps you find tacos as a way of learning how to create apps, and how to market something and you learn certain skills.

There's a million apps out there, and if you look through all of them they're doing remarkable things.  Just a few things like Wikipedia are of extraordinary value. 

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