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The Exploratorium Joins the Blogosphere

Mary K. Miller of San Francisco’s The Exporatorium has launched a new blog called The Accidental Scientist. The blog is focused on introducing readers to the ways in which scientists investigate and understand the natural world.

Mary is a science writer, producer, and Web cast host at The Exploratorium. She’s also director of their Osher Fellows program, which brings scientists, academics, and others to The Exploratorium to collaborate on projects and share ideas. I had the chance to visit The Exploratorium as an Osher Fellow in the spring and I will be back out there for two weeks at the end of July.

The Exploratorium’s staff and Web site are on the cutting edge of new media outreach, something I like to call Science Communication 2.0. One of their innovative programs is connected to the International Polar Year and takes advantage of Web and digital technology to create “scientist generated media.” Miller and other staff members trained scientists to use hand held video cameras to document their life and research in Antarctica. The Exploratorium will be streaming live Web casts from the South Pol. At YouTube you can watch the above clip of what life is like at the South Pole Research Station.


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