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Summer Schedule Part 2

I’ll be off on vacation for a week or so, but look for all sorts of treats in the interim.

Well, the summer is rapidly coming to an end – classes start here at Denison on August 30. So, we are trying to squeeze what we can out of the season and to that end, I’ll be on one of these things called “vacations” for the next couple weeks. (Oh yeah, and I will be going through Yellowstone, so I’ll personally check on those earthquakes, OK?)

That means Eruptions will be operating on the second summer schedule. No new posts until August 23, but some upcoming (automatically posted) articles including the answers to your questions for Sally Kuhn Sennert of the Global Volcanism Program and next week … it is Etna Week with a week’s worth of entries from guest blogger Dr. Boris Behncke.

(Oh yeah, and coming up after the break: Big news from Eruptions … )


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