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How the World Searched with Google in 2010

Since it’s birth in 1998, Google has become our gateway to the Web (its supremacy threatened somewhat now by Apple and Facebook). It processes over 1 billion search requests every day, each request giving an inkling of what matters to people in the moment. In 2010, 65% of daily searches were conducted through Google. It only seems right then to look back at what was close to people’s hearts in 2010 through the eyes of Google. 

In the video Zeitgeist 2010, Google shows us top events and moments from 2010 from around the globe through Google search, images, and video. (Music: GoodLife by OneRepublic ; Produced by Whirled Creative)

Take a look:

For more on the spirit of 2010, check out the most popular and fastest rising searches in 2010 on Google. One very popular young man: 16 year old Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber. Other dominant queries: iPad, Chatroulette (which randomly pairs strangers for live webcam chats) and FIFA World Cup. People did search for financial crisis and calamities in Haiti and Pakistan, but apparently the economy and humanitarian disasters could not compare with the fastest rising list (below): 

  1. chatroulette
  2. ipad
  3. justin bieber
  4. nicki minaj
  5. friv
  6. myxer
  7. katy perry
  8. twitter
  9. gamezer
  10. facebook
  11. Ayesha and Parag Khanna explore human-technology co-evolution and its implications for society, business and politics at The Hybrid Reality Institute.


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