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Commentators on Yemen

A number of my favorite commentators on Yemen have been speaking and writing on Yemen lately and here is an assortment of their varied views:

First up is Daniel Varisco of Hofstra and Tabsir, who has this piece up on CNN.

Also at CNN is this video report – “Is Yemen Crying al-Qaeda” – by Ben Wedeman – who isn’t actually one of my favorite commentators on Yemen – but he speaks to Shelia Carapico, who knows Yemen well.

And, once again, on CNN – this time on the Fareed Zakaria’s GPS – is Robert Worth of the New York Times, who spends a few minutes discussing Yemen.

Brian O’Neill of Always Judged Guilty – and if you are not reading his blog, you really should be – has an op-ed up at the National on Yemen and the problems of combating AQAP in the future.

There are also the following radio links which, if not in the same narrow category of favorite commentators, are still on Yemen.

First from NPR’s Talk of the Nation is a conversation featuring Dina Temple-Raston and myself on Yemen.

Next up is this conversation on Voice of America’s Encounter program featuring Christopher Boucek and myself.

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