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AQAP Video Tease

Following a long day of meetings and talks, I found the new AQAP video on the forums as I was awaiting my train at Union Station (despite the decidedly unfriendly look for the gentleman next to me). But I was unable to extract the .rar files to my laptop, so I couldn’t watch it on the train home.

Instead, I distracted myself with re-reading al-Wahayshi’s interview from January (also a bit of Shalimar the Clown), which continues to strike me with how powerful some of his reasoning is, particularly to some very pointed questions and in light of the abduction of the foreigners in Sa’dah. But I did get a report in my e-mail about the content of the 47 minute video, which is essentially a last will and testament of the two suicide bombers that attacked the South Korean tourists and the South Korean investigators in March. If there was ever any doubt, the two bombers were mere kids.

The video bears the same title as al-Wahayshi’s article in the latest issue of Sada al-Malahim.
I’ve just downloaded the video now, and will watch it as the weekend allows.


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