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Floating University

WATCH: How We Speak Reveals What We Think, with Steven Pinker

We're thrilled to be bringing The Floating University to Big Think. Here's number two on our list, featuring Harvard linguist Steven Pinker.

We’re thrilled to be bringing The Floating University to Big Think: It’s some of the most vital, timely, and mind-changing video content anywhere on the Web.

Technology has been changing how knowledge is commodified and distributed for decades now, but education has been slow to adjust (much to its own and peril — and that of its students). So instead of taking out thousands of dollars in student loans, or to get a jump start on the education you wish you’d had, begin watching these amazing one-hour lectures by some of America’s most talented thinkers, investors, artists, and leaders.

Here’s number two on our list, featuring Harvard linguist Steven Pinker.

We rely on 180 characters to maintain a global communication network! Is that limiting how we interpret the world around us or does it force us to find creative solutions? Both?

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