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This Week in Comments: December 10th—December 17th, 2017

Here it is. Your moment of Comment. Did you make the cut this week? 

Empathy Is Overrated – And It Can Actually Prolong Suffering

Cheryl Daubney:Understanding of all sides of an argument and of the potential consequences of decisions could be termed empathy – gut instinct is an evolutionary gift that can guide you as well, we are always told we shouldn’t ignore our instincts about situations – but these things are things to think about and consider, they should be among the elements you use to help you make a rational decision. They should not be the *way* you make a decision.

It’s Fructan, Not Gluten, That’s Causing Stomach Problems, Says New Research

Lena Savic: Its glyphosate. The intolerance to a staple food as old as civilisation is as recent as the invention of Monsanto ( and other) pesticides. If you can tolk with your ancestors they would be buffled by this “intolerance” to bread. Also- they eat a simple product made of 2 or 3 dry ingredients- not Wonderbread and other bread- like pseudo-food.

How Richard Dawkins Will Win You Over to His Side

Tyler CahillIt works! I’m a recovering Christian. People like Dawkins , Tyson, Harris, Hitchens. Seriously changed my life…. Sounds like and feels like I’m introducing myself at an A.A. meeting.

Why Highly Intelligent People Make the Worst Leaders

Dayn Willmore:When one leads sheep, they need simplicity in task and language, otherwise they get flustered and confused. Trying to explain complex and complicated processes, or outcomes, to simple minded common folk is like talking to a bobble head. They want you to get straight to the point, and give simple, direct instructions so they don’t have to think very much, because in our society, thinking is bad. Hell, it’s the original sin for Abrahamic religions, and those people unfortunately breed like rabbits, and indoctrinate their offspring.
We have a society that think the intellectual are bad. It can usually be seen in the types of political views our most intelligent people have, which tend to be liberal and left wing, so of course in the U.S., they’re absolutely hated. Oh, and if it’s a plan that doesn’t involve profiteering, good luck!

Social Welfare Benefits the Free Market

Dan Jensen: Not everyone is born the same, not everyone is dealt the same cards in life. It is not as simple as winners and losers and choosing a side. When there are winners, there has to be losers, that is just basic logic. We want everyone to have a decent life and a fair chance to make something of themselves, and if for some reason they are unable to, we want to make sure they get what they need to also have a fair chance at a decent life.

I could not imagine how it would be like having to worry about whether I would get a pension when I get old, how I could possibly ever afford an education and progress in my career, how I would be able to afford if my wife or someone in the family became ill. All these things are provided by us to us. We know that we are privileged and we do not take it for granted. But don’t come thinking this is for free, we all chip in to make this work, both effort wise and financing wise.


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