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Why Perfectionists Won’t Finish First

A product doesn’t have to be perfect, but just good enough so it can be made perfect along the way.

I meet a lot of entrepreneurs that actually fall on the side of being perfectionists and perfectionists are those people that need everything to be tightened up, need everything to be coded correctly and need everything to look a certain way before they press the on button.  

In my opinion those entrepreneurs never succeed because they sometimes forget that you actually have to make business happen today, not a year from now, and there are several companies that actually end up missing the boat on opportunities because they’re trying too hard or don’t focus on the initiative that’s actually at hand. So a lot of the times what I’ve done is I will ask for forgiveness, but I will go ahead and put the product out there and take the right risks.

I think that some of the biggest companies today, Facebook and Google both started with that DNA where they actually master the idea of just getting the right product out there.  It didn’t have to be perfect, but if it was good enough they could make it perfect along the way.

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