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Two Things for those with Electricity

Hurricane Sandy hit Waq al-waq hard – although, mercifully, not nearly as hard as many who are still suffering – knocking out power and forcing us to become one of those people of the dark, scurrying about town trying to find a place to plug in a trio of mac products with laughably short battery life.

But while blogging has been knocked off schedule, I did come across two things that I wanted to bring to your attention from my outpost in a kind coffee shop.

The first is this wonderfully deep piece on politics in Yemen by April Longley Alley, one of the very best Yemen analysts out there.  If you want to know what is happening in Yemen, this is the piece for you.

Next is a series of 27 photographs of Sanaa by Michael Kirby Smith from Guernica in what is accurately entitled: A Fractured State.  To see the human side of suffering in Sanaa, click through Smith’s photos.    


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