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Success is a Healthy Addiction

You have to love the process of starting from scratch. 

There are good addictions and there are bad addictions.  Good entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, become addicted to success where they want to challenge themselves from one step to the next step.

A lot of the times people are only motivated by money and sometimes they have one hit and that’s it or sometimes they basically have lost the drive because they’ve hit the financial capacity that they’ve always wanted to have.

So what motivates me is not the money. In order to be a good successful serial entrepreneur you have to understand that the money and the great things that come along with financial freedom is the end of the journey and you have to love the entire process.  You have to love the process of starting from scratch.  You have to love the process of actually putting the pieces together and realizing that there are ups and downs and you have to simulate the process over and over and I guess you can say I’m addicted to that.  

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