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Newtmentum Will Not Overcome Lack Of Organization

The Gingrich who stole Christmas from Mitt Romney can smile all he wants for now. Newtmentum is not likely to overcome poor planning and lack of organization, both of which can be found in abundance in the Gingrich campaign. In the latest round of campaign shenanigans and high jinks, the Gingrich campaign’s political director for Iowa has already had to resign after only being on the job for a week. As Charlie Cook of The Atlantic puts it:

“We are asked to believe that having campaign money isn’t important. That campaign organization and infrastructure don’t matter, even in a fight for delegates spread across 50 states. That it’s OK for the entire campaign brain trust of the apparent front-runner to reside under one head of hair and between one set of ears. That it’s feasible for one person to not only devise but also implement a national strategy and tactical plans for every state.

Then we are asked to believe that Republicans, specifically conservatives, are going to ignore some of the more problematic aspects of Gingrich’s background and policy positions.”

Why Gingrich’s Campaign Success Defies Conventions

The main function of the Gingrich campaign at this point is to serve as a Weapon of Mass Distraction for the national press corps, which seems to be hell bent on predicting the 2012 Republican nominee before the first vote is cast in the GOP primaries. The bigger story—the one the press refuses to investigate while we wait for the Iowa primary results to see what happens when real live voters push the button—is how this year’s Republican presidential candidates have devolved into America’s latest reality show, complete with Donald Trump and million dollar consolation prizes.

The GOP’s fixation on beating President Obama has become an unhealthy obsession, one that has allowed the Republican Party to foolishly obligate much of its resources to being the party of opposition rather than a party of solutions. They are committed to the fervent belief that Barack Obama is a pox upon their house because they understand exactly how powerfully the desire to destroy the Obama presidency resonates emotionally with their base.

Maybe the top brass of the GOP need to quit following their base and lead for a change.  Because the real danger the ultimate Republican nominee faces, especially if his name is Newt Gingrich, is an inability to get enough independent voters to the polls in November to counter the massive turnout being coordinated by Obama-Biden 2012.


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