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Envisioning a Global, One-World Classroom

At Khan Academy, we talk about turning it into a global, one-world classroom. 

At Khan Academy, we talk about turning it into a global, one-world classroom.  And in our mind what that is, is you have our videos that cover pretty much anything that someone wants to learn about.  You have the exercises, you get feedback, and you get analytics and reports and data on how you’re doing.  And we leverage that. So imagine a world in which students, instead of just having to be in a classroom where you can teach each other, are able to teach each other across physical boundaries.  

So I’m in New York and I’m having trouble with negative numbers, you’re in Calcutta, and you know negative numbers. We’d have to work out the time zone, but let’s pair up. We could do IM, we could do chat or eventually we could do a Skype session where we can actually have a real tutoring interaction.  I imagine this will work not just for kids, but learners all over the world.  They could be 80 years old. They use Khan Academy videos and software as their first assessment, their first exposure to information, but then they have each other to really get them to wherever they want to go. 

Sal Khan, Founder & Executive Director, Khan Academy, will be appearing at Techweek Chicago, on June 27, 2013.

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