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Brain Child: How Having a Child Changed How I Think

I have friends who I’ve known since they were 12, and they wanted to be moms and that was going to be the focus of their life. I wasn’t in that category.  And yet, I had this child and, boom! He’s wonderful, he’s perfect, he’s amazing.  I’ve never been in love like that before.  

And my body went through so many changes during pregnancy. So many things are listed to scare you in What To Expect or other pregnancy books.  You know, your feet are going to get bigger, your stomach’s going to get bigger, your hair is going to fall out –  all kinds of exciting stuff. 

And so it made sense to me that my brain must have also gone through some changes.  And you know there are changes that have lasted.  My son is a kindergartner now and I still, he gives me butterflies.  And I think that’s pretty impressive for someone who was sort of ambivalent about the idea of children to begin with. 

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