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Full Length Interviews

Eventually, you’ll be able to see a whole, hour-long interview, or listen to it via podcast. For now, though, you can watch all the individual clips from the interview if […]

About: Idea Ratings

While Big Think is an open community, it is also a meritocratic and democratic one. We want to find the best ideas out there, the ones that get you to […]

Defining Meta and Physical

The site is divided into two main categories, Meta and Physical. The Physical pertains to the tangible world, and covers areas like politics, film, business and technology. Meta is that […]

Create an Idea

1) You can respond to an existing idea by clicking “Respond to this Idea”, which posts your response to that discussion thread.nn2) Click on “Create an Idea” on the bottom […]

The Definition of an Idea

You’ve probably had millions of these in your lifetime, but maybe you haven’t had a chance to share your ideas with the world outside of your college professors, drinking buddies, […]

Choosing Experts

We choose experts on the basis of one simple criterion: they are among the best of the best at what they do. Of course, that’s not so clear-cut, so we […]

The Expert Network

The Web has no shortage of self-anointed experts, and the Expert Network is our way of reclaiming a little nook of cyberspace where depth of knowledge and expertise still reign. […]

About Our Interviews

The interviews are just one aspect of the site. They are meant to spark discussion by giving you examples of what today’s leaders think about broader issues, rather than the […]