Let’s say you’re a recent graduate and you’re trying to find a job and you’re trying to reach your dream career.  There are a few ways that magical thinking can help you out.  So for instance, the law of attraction, or positive visualization, picturing where you want to be, will keep you focused and it will keep you motivated and energized. It will keep you optimistic.

Picturing success will increase your optimism and increase your confidence, which will then help you out.  If you go into a job interview, you’ll be more confident and that will show and you will be more likely to get the job.  It will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

Also, if you set a big goal for yourself, if you see it as your calling, if you feel like you were meant to be here in order to achieve this goal, it will give you an extra kick in the pants.  You’ll see any roadblocks as just bumps in the road and then you’ll pursue your goal with more heart and more persistence.  

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