I highly recommend trying what I call technology Shabbats.  It's really changed my life.  It's been a year that I've been doing it very seriously.  So every Friday sundown I unplug and all my friends and family know, so they don't have any expectations of responses from me and for 24 hours I'm really not responding to anyone and it's very empowering to have a weekly ritual of that. 

Some people say oh I do that on vacation, but you have no idea how much I look forward to Friday night and on Saturday I just interact with—I feel like I'm a better mother, wife, friend and I'm a better person to myself for like a day. 

We can make a choice to say "I love this technology, this extension of my soul, of my being and I don't need to be on all the time."  So I feel like it has been very empowering to do that and it makes me appreciate technology more too.  So I really recommend that.  

In Their Own Words is recorded in Big Think's studio.

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