Even Jerry Seinfeld’s former writing partner Larry David has failed to see the funny side of his recent television comeback, appearing to echo critics who have branded the show “pointless.” “A beautiful friendship began when the comedian Larry David met Jerry Seinfeld two decades ago and the pair dreamed up a winning idea for a television show. So when a chorus of critics rounded on the latter's latest endeavour, he might have expected his friend and Seinfeld collaborator to rush to his defence after being invited to participate as a guest panellist. Instead, David appeared to echo the sentiment of critics who have branded Seinfeld's new show ‘pointless’ and ‘painful’. Appearing before a national audience on The Marriage Ref, Seinfeld's reality TV series in which guest stars are invited to comment on the marital problems of ordinary couples, David discussed the problems faced by some couples – including one in which a husband disapproved of his wife keeping a 5ft iguana in the house. He said: ‘Can we wrap this up? I have to go to the bathroom,’ and later questioned the show's format: ‘What is the point to the whole thing?’”