What's the Latest Development?

"A browser add-on for Google Chrome, and soon for Firefox, offers a way to combine Google+, Facebook and Twitter posts into users' Google+ stream of status updates. Start Google+, created by programmer Zane Klaes, uses Facebook and Twitter APIs to let Google+ users incorporate updates from those networks, and to post back to those networks via Google+ as well. Start Google+ also adds a few as-yet missing features to Google+, such as a box in the upper right of the Google+ interface that tell you when you have a new Gmail message."

What's the Big Idea?

Many are looking to Google+ as a Facebook 'reset', a chance to start again without all those superfluous friends. Unfortunately, the big limitation to Klaes' add-on is that you cannot yet filter your Facebook or Twitter messages. While the program isn't seamless, Klaes says he is working on it. Klaes recognizes that one social network is unlikely to replace the other. "Google+, Facebook and Twitter may need to play nice with each other in order to maintain their audience reach and more mashups like Start Google+ will make it less of an aggravation."