What's the Latest Development?

Along with the likes of Daimler, Honda and Toyota, all of whom firmly believe hydrogen is the fuel of the future, Hyundai is hyping hydrogen, cruising cross-country in a fuel-cell Tucson. For all the love hybrids and battery electrics get these days, several leading automakers still say hydrogen is the best long-term play. Hyundai is conducting a 4,500-mile tour in the Tucson ix FCEV to promote its advocacy of the technology.

What's the Big Idea?

The motor is good for 100 kilowatts (134 horsepower), which is considerably less than the 165 horsepower provided by a Tucson GL with a four-banger. The big pitch for hydrogen is that it offers the zero tailpipe emissions and energy independence of battery electric vehicles without limited range and long recharge time. As for infrastructure issues such as the lack of hydrogen stations, Hyundai suggests first putting them along trucking routes. Do that and the rest of the country will follow, it says.