Yoko Ono says she will take five years to write her memoirs including the Beatles’ breakup and how John took his tea. “Yoko Ono is to finally put pen to paper and tell us why the Beatles broke up. The Fab Four widow said this week that her ‘next book’ will be a set of memoirs, to be published by 2015. ‘I would love to [write my memoirs],’ Ono explained in a Q&A with fans. ‘I just need to find the time.’ When another fan asked about her upbringing, Ono suggested they read her forthcoming book, "which will be written in five years or so". According to Rolling Stone, the autobiography will focus "on the duo's intense relationship, the myths surrounding her role in the Beatles' break-up, the bed-in for peace, Lennon's infamous 'Lost Weekend' and more’. So far, the 76-year-old artist has avoided commenting on the Beatles' final days. ‘There are things that I can't write because it may hurt someone,’ Ono told Reuters in 2007. ‘I think about how it might hurt [their] children, and I don't want to do that.’ Though perhaps there's some secret Ringo-related scoop, most assume the ‘someone’ is Cynthia Lennon, who John divorced in 1968. Cynthia has already written two memoirs, 1978's A Twist of Lennon and 2005's John.”