I predict the detection of an interstellar amino acid (the building blocks of proteins). They have been found (extremely rarely) in the most primitive stony meteorites (with both left- and right-handed symmetry, proving they are not terrestrial contaminants during the meteoroid's descent) but not yet found in interstellar space.

I predict that solid evidence will emerge for some form of life on Mars based upon inferring a biogenic origin for the methane gas in its atmosphere.

I predict that the Large Hadron Collider will detect the Higgs vector boson by the end of the 2011.

I predict that direct evidence will emerge of a parent star, a white dwarf, with a Jupiter-like planet orbiting it, but in which the inner planets were  ingested when the parent star of the white dwarf was a red giant star.

I predict that Project SETI will detect a radio signal from space that will be shown, by process of elimination, that it has to have  originated from an extraterrestrial advanced life form.

— Edward Sion, astrophysicist, Villanova University

Image courtesy of Flickr user Bluedharma.