Thanks to a post by DarkSyde over at Daily Kos, the You Tube clip of our Speaking Science 2.0 presentation has been viewed more than 5,000 times. Here's a time annotated guide to the sections of our talk:

1. Mooney introduction of themes 0:00-6:25

2. Nisbet on popular science vs. framing 6:25-17:07

3. Mooney on case study of intelligent design-creationism 17:07-25:35

4. Nisbet on case study of stem cell research 25:38-36:00

5. Nisbet on case study of global warming 36:00-43:30

6. Mooney on case study of hurricane-global warming debate 43:30-51:15

7. Nisbet on new directions in science communication 51:15-60:30

8. Question & Answer 60:30-71:06