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Wednesday Papers: Try, try, try again

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of al-Qaeda’s assassination of Muhammad Rubaysh, a security official in Marib. Mareb Press has an article about the event, which includes the kind of biographical and tribal information that is always so difficult to come by. This assassination, along with the one of Mahmud Qasaylah and the attempt on Muhammad bin Nayif, means that AQAP and its precursor in Yemen is averaging one attempt a year.

Mareb Press also has an article out about the recent Christian Science Monitor article, which I linked to earlier, article that is making news in Yemen for all the wrong reasons.

Finally, days after President Salih acknowledged that the Iranian government was not giving support to the Huthis, his foreign minister – who has an unhealthy love of CNN International – is claiming that seminaries and prominent individuals within Iran are financially supporting the Huthis.


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