Lynda Resnick on the Power of Personality

Roll International Co-Chair Lynda Resnick on the secrets to effective advertising.
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Question: What is the personality of Fiji Water?


Lynda Resnick:            Yeah.  FIJI Water, when we purchased FIJI Water about 3 or 4 years ago, they have this square bottle, they had different packaging, different graphics on the packaging, and there’re unique selling proposition, if you will.  Their slogan was “A taste of paradise.”  But when I became involved in that water business, when we made the purchase, it was up to me to review the marketing, see what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to change.  I did a lot of research in the water business and I found out that 55% of the water out there is actually from the tap.  The Dasanis and Aquafinas of the world are tap water from the municipal water system that are, then, purified and put in a bottle.  And then, you have spring water like Evian and waters like that, that are almost on the surface.  They come from an underground spring but they’re on the surface.

And then, we have this water that we were selling that came from an underground aquifer.  The water fell as rain 200 years ago and went through this volcanic rock and picked up silica and the electrolytes and the fluoride and so forth and was protected by this volcanic rock.  And the only way to get to the water was to put a borehole through and have the water come through her medically sealed pipes.  And so, our unique selling proposition, our personality became untouched until you drink it.  ‘Cause that water’s been untouched for all these years.  And that was really set us apart from the taste of paradise, you could say, about any water that came from any remote area but untouched until you drink it.  We’re probably the only people in the world that can say that. 


Question: What is the personality of POM Wonderful?


Lynda Resnick:            Well, POM certainly has a personality.  That little bottle shaped like me, you may have noticed.  We make that bottle the person so you relate to that bottle.  Now, the thing about POM is that it’s backed with all these peer-reviewed science.  It really is health in a bottle.  It’s not just the juice, it’s full of polyphenol antioxidants.  It’s great for your circulation.  It’s good for men to ward off prostate cancer.  It’s 40% as effective as Viagra.  It’s got fabulous attributes.  Alzheimer’s, pre-natal birth defects, on and on, all of that is on our website and we continue with our scientific research. 

But there’s only so much you can say in advertising.  But when you see that little bottle with the news around its neck that’s cut and it says, [IB] death, you really empathize with the bottle and with all of the attributes or forever young where it has a hula-hoop that it’s trying to keep up or whatever.  And the personality of the brand is kind of sassy but charming.  It’s your friend.  


Recorded on: March 17, 2009