Dear all,

Blog posts of the “I am sorry I haven’t been posting any messages of late” kind are annoying and redundant, a bit like going round someone’s house to explain why you can’t come visit them. I shall therefore keep this intervention brief.

Thanks to all who enquired about my being alive and well. I am both. The radio silence on Strange Maps was not due to my incarceration, institutionalisation, hospitalisation or expiration. Nor was it the by-product of an extended holiday, although that obviously would have been preferable to the other options.

I’ve spent most of the last couple of weeks absorbed by such non-map-related activities  as paying bills, and earning the money to do so. And I suspect I’m not the only one finding that an increasingly time-consuming proposition, given the current trainwrecked state of the economy.

Radio silence is now over. I shall return to a more regular schedule of blogging. Should you wish to contribute to the regularity of this blog, consider making a donation via the appropriate button on the right. Or not. Freedom might not be free, Strange Maps still is.

In either case, enough of all this non-cartography. On with the maps!