A British map, I presume, made between 1937 and 1940, showing the German plans for the conquest of Europe “revealed by Secret Nazi Map” – I don’t know if that isn’t a bit of British propaganda, or if there actually was such a map.

In fact, this map, whether or not derivative of that supposed secret map, is quite accurate in the scope of the German conquest, especially in the Latin countries (with ambitions towards Portugal and Northern Spain perhaps a bit too, well, ambitious, but with the occupation of France predicted rather well: the territory occupied by the Vichy régime is about right).

In some cases, it’s off by just a year, as in the occupation of the Low Countries: actually happened in 1940, was predicted here by 1941. And of course neither Sweden, Switzerland nor the British Isles were ever occupied by the Nazis (except for the Channel Islands, the only part of Britain ever occupied by foreign forces for a significant length of time since the Norman invasions).

And to my limited knowledge, Hungaria, Romania and possibly also Bulgaria weren’t really occupied by the Germans, but rather ruled over by nazi-friendly, but at least nominally independent regimes.


Map found at the British Library.