What's the Latest Development?

British researcher and photographer Greg Dash has developed what may be the world's smallest digital fisheye camera: The "bite-size" body contains a 170-degree lens that can capture both images and HD video. There is no viewscreen or viewfinder, which means that users have to download their photos and videos from the enclosed microSD card to see what they end up with. This, Dash says, "[is] the part of shooting with film that I love the most, finding out what you've managed to capture...I tried to replicate that by making it so that you have to 'develop' your pictures by plugging it in to reveal what you captured."

What's the Big Idea?

Dash built his own camera partially because of his desire to combine the best aspects of film and digital photography and also because he couldn't afford similar fisheye lenses currently being offered by manufacturers such as Canon. Unlike camera lenses that can attach to smartphones, his camera gives more of the physical feel associated with taking photos. As of now, the project has blown past its £35,000 funding target on Indiegogo, with almost 600 of 1000 available cameras ordered.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

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