A British student who pleaded guilty to outraging public decency has been spared jail by a court after he was arrested for urinating on a war memorial. Philip Laing, 19, was facing a potential spell behind bars after photographs and video showing him soaking poppy wreaths with his own water were posted on the internet. The judge said “I said to you when you last appeared that the image of your urinating over the wreath of poppies at the city war memorial was a truly shocking one. That was no understatement. There you are, a young man of 19, urinating on the war memorial erected to honour the memory of so many other young men. I have no doubt at all, and this is accepted by the prosecution that you did so because of the vast quantity of alcohol that you had consumed. There was no other motive whatsoever." Laing reportedly shared a bottle of whisky with a friend before drinking through the night.