Image courtesy of AVO/USGS by Ron Beck. Shows an ash plume from Redoubt (tan) on March 26 from a Landsat 5 satellite.

I'll be "off the grid" for the weekend at a wedding, so I thought I'd leave this open for any Redoubt news Eruptions readers hear over the weekend. Feel free to leave comments about the developments up in Alaska.

Currently, AVO reports that seismicity is lower since the eruptions this morning. They indicate that eruptions will likely occur without warning from here on in.

There are also some new articles on how the eruption is affecting air travel, including cancellations of flights to/from Anchorage and increases in freight flights in and out of Sea-Tac (Seattle, WA) in response to the limited access to Anchorage's Ted Stevens Airport. Back on the ground, road workers in Alaska have to deal with removing ash from the roads as well.

See you Monday!