Tomorrow (Monday) at 1pm EST I will be joined by Nature columnist and former House Science committee Chief of Staff David Goldston as a guest on WAMU's Kojo Nmandi Show. The program will focus on the connections between science policy, scientists, and the public. At WAMU's Web site, you can listen to the program live or later via the audio archive.

Scientists vs. Politicians in Public Policy

What happens when cutting-edge science gets caught in the middle of political and ethical debates? Today, many decisions about issues like global warming and stem-cell research are influenced by people without technical proficiency in relevant fields. Kojo explores the intersection of media, politics and the scientific establishment in the formulation of public policy.


David Goldston, Columnist, "Nature"; Scholar in Residence, Program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, Princeton University; and former chief of staff for the House Committee on Science( 2001- 2006)

Matthew Nisbet, Assistant Professor, School of Communication, American University