I am actually on the board of Burning Man now, and for those of you who don't know, Burning Man is the largest art event, annually, in the world.  It’s in the Nevada desert.  And you’ll see the founders of Google there.  You’ll see all kinds of famous people there.  But you also see lots of people running around naked.  I mean, it’s a really odd and strange place.  But at the core of it is that it’s all about art and spirituality and creativity and innovation.

So I’ve been going for more than a dozen years.  And part of the reason I go is I get fed.  I get fed by the human spirit by seeing the kind of art that is created there and the kinds of innovation. But it’s a bit of a utopian society and there's something about going.  It’s almost like going to summer camp for those of us who have a utopian, idealistic perspective on what the world can be.

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