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Youth Leadership Now

Our world needs youth leaders in our communities now from ages 14-25. We need to harness their energy and ideas, give the tools effective leadership and then let them lead! Our leaders in the US congress, corporations, and non-profits need term limits to ensure that the torches of leadership pass smoothly. This will allow our elders to Think Big about new projects as the pass existing programs onto others.

Facts and Fictions in the Securities Industry

The securities industry worldwide is constructed upon the quicksand of self-delusion and socially-acceptable confabulations. These serve to hold together players and agents whose interests are both disparate and diametrically opposed. In the long run, the securities markets are zero-sum games and the only possible outcome is win-lose.

Measuring Obama

Clintonian Democrat, lefty progressive, restrained partisan, closet wonk, post-racial unifier, hunk. The monikers used to describe Barack Obama’s executive style swirl about the man in a cloud of political columnist […]