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Top Entrepreneurs Don’t Just Engineer Success – They Reverse Engineer It

Amid all of the powerhouse, brilliant minds that author and investor Tim Ferriss has interviewed for his podcast and new book, “Tools of Titans,” one idea kept springing up: creating empty space and cultivating it as a way of life. It’s about setting aside a few hours of time each week to strictly dedicate to creativity, journaling, and learning.

Another concept, by contrast, came up only once, through conversations with Joshua Waitzkin, an American chess player who takes an “endgame” approach to every pursuit he undertakes by beginning with the end in mind. This ties in to the concept of learning the macro from the micro, or knowing when to look at things from a larger perspective versus focusing on specific tasks. He compares it to learning the principles of cooking rather than just learning a specific recipe.

Ferriss explains these concepts in detail, why they’re so vital, and how they can be applied across many industries.

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