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Lifelong learning classes that foster growth mindsets

Featured Classes on Lifelong Learning

Breaking Through Learning Obstacles

If the human brain came with a user manual, it would warn us that our hardwiring often stands at odds with our best-laid plans for changing old habits. In this lifelong learning class, Barbara Oakley teaches strategies based on neuroscience for improving the ability to learn. Oakley is the bestselling author of Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential.

Barbara Oakley lifelong learning classes
Barbara Oakley
Covered topics
Intellectual Humility
Learning From Failure
Habit Formation
Lessons included
  1. Activate Your Neural Networks
  2. Create and Select Neural Patterns to Develop Mastery
  3. Boost Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique
  4. Onboard New Concepts with Metaphor
  5. Get Unstuck from a Thinking Rut
  6. Dismiss Your Learning Myths
  7. Pursue Second-Skilling to Promote Career Resiliency
Learning objectives
  • Redefine your mental focus to master new skills.
  • Integrate the Pomodoro Technique into your work schedule.
  • Create an action plan to develop new skills.
  • Utilize metaphors to learn and teach new concepts.
  • Dismiss your learning myths to get unstuck from thinking ruts.

Facing Change with Enthusiasm

Research conducted by the founder of Change Enthusiasm Global, Cassandra Worthy, suggests that over 50% of Americans feel difficult emotions, such as anxiety, when facing a change in the workplace. While those feelings are valid, they don’t have to be permanent. In this class, Worthy offers a framework for harnessing emotions and making the choice to reframe change as opportunity.


Cassandra Worthy lifelong learning classes
Cassandra Worthy
Covered topics
Growth Mindset
Emotional Intelligence
Lessons included
  1. How to Harness the Power of Negative Emotions
  2. Let Change Fuel You
  3. Recognize Your Change Signals (Step 1)
  4. Embrace the Opportunity that Change Presents (Step 2)
  5. Choose Your Better (Step 3)
  6. Journal Your Way to Emotional Intelligence
  7. Embrace Mentorship
  8. A Leader’s Guide to Strengthening Your Organization’s Emotional Immune System
Learning objectives
  • Cultivate a change mindset.
  • Develop emotional self-awareness.
  • Consider actions that propel you forward.
  • Identify and adjust your behavioral patterns.
  • Choose an effective mentor.


In this lifelong learning class, neuroscientist Lisa Genova explains common misconceptions about how the memory works. Genova discusses how to help the brain remember facts and procedures so that learners can strengthen their recall — and improve their lives in the process.

Lisa Genova lifelong learning classes
Lisa Genova
Covered topics
Habit Formation
Self Management
Improving Memory
Lessons included
  1. Creating a Memory
  2. Strengthening Long-Term Memory
  3. How to Memorize Information for High-Stakes Situations
  4. Understanding Stress and Its Impact on Memory
  5. Normalizing Absentmindedness
  6. The Double-Edged Sword of Technology
Learning objectives
  • Explore how your brain encodes, consolidates, stores, and retrieves information.
  • Study more effectively.
  • Leverage ingrained habits to build new ones.
  • Use your body to calm your mind.
  • Employ technology to enhance (rather than degrade) your ability to remember.

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