What should we be asking ourselves?

In freedom there is strength.
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Jon Meacham: Is there anything one can do – one’s self – to advance the idea that a culture of liberty and personal freedom is the highest human value? That in freedom there’s strength. That in . . . Not in a sort of mindless July 4th stuff, but that in point of fact, no matter what tradition one comes from – whether Islamic or Jewish or Christian or Hindu – that if we’re made in the likeness and image of God, if we live in . . . If we’re part of a divinely ordained – or at least a world in which there is a predominant myth of divinity and divine providence – how do we best play our part in that __________? And is maximizing the ability of you to do what you want or me to do what I want, as long as it doesn’t pick your pocket or break your arm, is that . . . is there something we can do to do that?


Recorded on: 7/3/07