Simon de Pury: Setting Foot in an Auction House

De Pury wants to expose as many people as possible to be exposed to art.
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Simon de Pury:  It is intimidating, and we do everything to try and make it less intimidating. And for that reason we’ve started something called Saturdays at Phillips where we sell less expensive items, but not of lesser quality. And these are usually priced between $500 and $20,000. We do those sales on a Saturday as the name says. We offer bagels, cappuccinos. There’s pop music. And so just to make it a very relaxed experience. And then we see that most of the clients who come to these sales are young and have never bought at auction before. One thing is sure. The first time they bought they definitely will come back. The second _________ follows automatically. And there is no reason to be intimidated because these exhibitions are open to everyone, whether you are going to buy or not; whether you have money to spend or not. It’s totally irrelevant. These are great opportunities to see great art. Recorded on: 2/7/08