Simon de Pury: Competing with Christies and Sotheby's

De Pury built a global brand by focusing on contemporary art and design.
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Simon de Pury: 

We decided to really focus in some key areas, and in these areas being the best. And so we focused on contemporary art – particularly on contemporary art of the ‘80s, ‘90s and 21st century, but also on photography and design. These are three areas which overlap to a large degree. We have same collectors who buy in all of those categories. We also are active in the jewelry field. We sell contemporary jewelry. And by being a niche operator, and by really . . . Thanks to that great focus, and by doing the best catalogs in the field, the best exhibitions, having the best team of experts, we have just gone from strength to strength. And last year, you know, we’ve increased our turnover by 130 percent. And this year again we went after a very, very strong start. And so our goal is just to become the leading house for contemporary art and contemporary culture. Recorded on: 2/7/08