Andrew Spade
Fashion Designer; Co-Founder, Jack Spade / Kate Spade

Re: Where does your sense of humor come from?

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I think it's from having a difficult childhood.

Andrew Spade

Andrew Spade is a fashion designer who co-founded Kate Spade and Jack Spade. Born in Birmingham, Michigan, he attended Arizona State University, where he met fellow future-fashion designer Katherine Brosnahan. Together, they launched the handbag design company Kate Spade in 1993. The couple married the next year. They created the design company Jack Spade in 1996 to fill the perceived market void for stylish and practical men's accessories, and the company officially launched in 1999. In February of 2009, Andy openend a new store on Great Jones Street, in Manhattan, called Partners & Spade. He resides in New York City.


Question: Where does your sense of humor come from

Andrew Spade: I think it’s from having a difficult childhood. I think that a lot of your comedians – my brother specifically – I think a lot of things happened when we were kids. I mean nothing depressing, but obviously things that happen to a lot of kids. I think it was divorce. My father was a writer and my mother was a writer. And then the changes we made from moving to Michigan to Arizona, to a step father who had some problems who we used to make fun of a lot. And although it wasn’t. . . it shouldn’t have been funny, but it was very funny. And my mother is very kind of open and liberal and never took things too seriously . . . very dear, nurturing. But we obviously have had time to kind of laugh. And she loved to write and sing. And I think a lot of those influences, some are genetic obviously. And I think some just came from my brother was very funny. My older brother wasn’t very funny. So I fit somewhere in the middle. That’s, I think, where it came from.

Recorded on: 7/12/07