Scott Schuman
Founder, The Sartorialist

No Advice Needed

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Schuman didn’t get much career advice because he never wanted any.

Scott Schuman

After launching the now famous "Sartorialist" blog in 2005, Scott Schuman has emerged as an influential force in the world of fashion. A self-taught photographer, Schuman shoots for publications including French Vogue, American GQ, Fantastic Man and Elle, and a growing list of advertising clients. He has also shown his work at the New York photo gallery The Danziger Projects and appeared in the GAP Style Icon campaign in the fall of 2008. He has been named the number one fashion photography trend by American Photo magazine, as well as one of Time magazine’s top 100 design influencers. Penguin published an anthology of his favorite photographs in 2009. The hardcover collection is aptly entitled, "The Sartorialist."



Question:  What’s the worst career advice you were ever given?

Scott Schuman:  The worst career advice, I don’t know.  I’ve never really had much career advice.  My dad always gave me great advice and you know I think I mean I hate to say it, but you know I wasn’t a good corporate person.  Everything that made me horrible working a corporation was perfect for this kind of job, so I never really got bad advice because I never really asked for any.


Recorded on December 9, 2009