Dan Barber: Which five ingredients do you have on hand?

Author and Chef
Barber always has some Blue Hill milk on hand.
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Dan Barber: Five ingredients that I always have on hand. You know there’s the salt and pepper deal, and then you know . . . These days I have a lot of . . . Blue Hill Farm is really gung ho into this milk deal. So like we have now nine cows that we’re milking. So I generally always have milk on hand. This is a new thing, but unpasteurized, beautiful milk, and we’re experimenting with all this stuff with it. So I would say three, four, and five is about . . . is something of milk; like either raw milk or butter, which we’re making from the milk; or ricotta cheese; or mozzarella cheese; something that’s coming out of the dairy an that’s coming from the land, you know? And that . . . That is exciting – that we’re using where I began. And we’re expanding on it, and now in the kitchen I’m making things out of it. There is nothing more pleasurable to me than having that kind of connection, and I hope to share that with more and more people.

Recorded on: 2/11/08