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185 - The Patients Per Doctor Map of the World

October 16, 2007, 8:52 PM


“This poster (published in September 2007) hangs on the wall of waiting rooms at the doctor. This way we let Dutch people know how privileged they are when it comes to medical care, and thus how appropriate it would be for them to help Doctors of the World help the less privileged.”

Remarkably, Cuba leads the world (or at least those countries shown on this map) in the patients per doctor ratio. Other countries doing very well include the successor states to the communist bloc nations, which generally had good (and cheap) health care, and the developed (capitalist) nations in Europe and beyond – although the Netherlands is quite far down, and behind neighbouring countries such as Denmark, Belgium, France and Germany, if ever so slightly.

Here’s the complete list:

Cuba 170
Belarus 220
Belgium 220
Greece 230
Russia 230
Georgia 240
Italy 240
Turkmenistan 240
Ukraine 240
Lithuania 250
Uruguay 270
Bulgaria 280
Iceland 280
Kazakhstan 280
Switzerland 280
Portugal 290
France 300
Germany 300
Hungary 300
South Korea 300
Spain 300
Denmark 310
Sweden 310
Finland 320
Netherlands 320
Norway 320
Argentina 330
Latvia 330
Ireland 360
Uzbekistan 360
Mongolia 380
United States 390
Australia 400
Kirgizstan 400
Poland 400
New Zealand 420
Great Britain 440
Qatar 450
Canada 470
Jordan 490
Tajikistan 490
Japan 500
Mexico 500
Venezuela 500
Romania 550
Ecuador 650
North Korea 650
Panama 700
Syria 700
Bosnia-H. 750
Colombia 750
Lybia 750
Oman 750
Saudi Arabia 750
Tunisia 750
Turkey 750
Bolivia 800
Peru 850
Algeria 900
Bahrain 900
Brazil 900
Chile 900
Paraguay 900
China 950
Guatemala 1.100
Jamaica 1.200
South Africa 1.300
Malaysia 1.400
Pakistan 1.400
Iraq 1.500
India 1.700
Laos 1.700
Honduras 1.800
Philippines 1.800
Sri Lanka 1.800
Egypt 1.900
Vietnam 1.900
Morocco 2.000
Iran 2.200
Suriname 2.200
Botswana 2.500
Nicaragua 2.700
Thailand 2.700
Myanmar 2.800
Yemen 3.000
Namibia 3.300
Madagascar 3.400
Bangladesh 3.800
Haiti 4.000
Sudan 4.500
Nepal 4.800
Afghanistan 5.300
Cameroon 5.300
Cambodia 6.300
Zimbabwe 6.300
Kenia 7.100
Indonesia 7.700
Zambia 8.300
D.R. Congo 9.100
Gambia 9.100
Mauritani 9.100
Angola 12.500
C.A.R. 12.500
Mali 12.500
Uganda 12.500
Senegal 16.500
Bhutan 20.000
Eritrea 20.000
Lesotho 20.000
Papua NG 20.000
Rwanda 20.000
Benin 25.000
Chad 25.000
Niger 25.000
Somalia 25.000
Burundi 33.500
Ethiopia 33.500
Liberia 33.500
Mozambique 33.500
Malawi 50.000
Tanzania 50.000

This map was found here at adsoftheworld.com.

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185 - The Patients Per Doct...

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