Michael Schrage

MIT Sloan School of Management research fellow; Imperial College London visiting fellow
Michael Schrage is a research fellow with the Sloan School of Management's Center for Digital Business and a visiting fellow at Imperial College's [London] 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' program. His ongoing research and advisory work focuses on 'innovation risk management' - exploring the economics and ethology of experimentation and simulation in managing innovation and risk. He is the author of several books on the role of collaborative tools and technologies in enabling innovation - 'Shared Minds' [Random House 1990] and 'Serious Play' [Harvard Business School Press 2000]. He's been a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, CIO magazine and a variety of other publications on innovation, cyber-security and national security themes. He serves on advisory committees for the Sloan Management Review, MIT's Lincoln Labs and KPMG's Audit Committee Institute. He's done consulting and advisory work for Microsoft, Procter&Gamble, British Telecom, BP, Siemens, Embraer, Google, iRise, Mars, the Office of Net Assessment and other organizations. Schrage's SSP writing and research focuses on the behavioral economics of technical and organizational innovation and governance in national security institutions.

Michael Schrage's Contributions