Come join a growing team of bright, creative people doing big things. Since 2008, Big Think has explored the biggest ideas shaping our world — and the ones that will propel it forward — by creating great online video and written content.

We began with a simple educational mission: to bring the world’s most exciting and impactful experts, along with their ideas, to everyone we could. Now that more people have access to more videos online than ever, we’re doubling down on that mission — and growing as a result.

Our team members have diverse backgrounds in film, drama, journalism, business strategy, education, healthcare, and energy technology — plus publishing, sales, and design. We believe that big ideas can change the world (they always have) so we take pride in exploring the biggest, most impactful ideas out there.

If that excites you, get in touch! We’re based in New York City and we accept resumes for the following positions on a rolling basis. If you don’t see something that suits you, other positions may open up so we suggest you check back. Please send to and include the title of the position in the subject line. Thanks!

Contributing Writer — Whether you write about a niche topic or want to explore big ideas from many subjects, we’re looking for deft digital writers who understand and appreciate the Big Think voice. Understanding how content works across platforms is crucial, and so is having an eye for engaging images. Work from anywhere. Freelance.