Do you know what a “tiger mom” is? Does the phrase “the tipping point” immediately bring Malcolm Gladwell to mind? “Idea entrepreneurs,” argues John Butman in his new book Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas, are a new and influential breed, driven primarily by passion for an idea and the desire to spread it.

For two decades, Butman has been studying and working with idea entrepreneurs – finding out what makes them tick and how to help them share, develop, and sustain their ideas more effectively. Among the things he’s learned is the fact that while idea entrepreneurship can be lucrative (not movie-star-lucrative, typically, but lucrative...), successful idea entrepreneurs tend to be motivated by passion first, money second. Also, the most successful ideas don’t come out of nowhere – they’re usually a brilliant response to an ongoing conversation.

If you are an aspiring (or latent) idea entrepreneur, Butman’s new workshop on Big Think Mentor can help you avoid rookie mistakes and nurture your best ideas from inkling to global phenomenon.

Video: How to Succeed as an Idea Entrepreneur, with John Butman (free preview: full video available with subscription to Big Think Mentor).

With so many ideas competing for attention, a few succeed while a great many fail. In How to Succeed as an Idea Entrepreneur, his workshop for Big Think Mentor, John Butman teaches you why.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand idea entrepreneurship and recognize its stirrings in yourself.

  • Isolate the ideas that fascinate you most.

  • Express the passion you feel for an idea, not just its content.

  • Let your idea “respire” as others adapt it to their own needs.

  • Build an organizational culture to sustain your idea

  • Transition your idea from a personal vision to an other-centered enterprise.




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