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Procrastinating? Use These Jedi Mind Tricks to Meet Your Goals

Entrepreneur, investor and podcast king Tim Ferriss addresses an issue that everyone faces: procrastination. Ferriss shares some of the insights he gleaned from interviews with world-class performers and leaders for his podcast show as well as his latest book, Tools of Titans. What made each of these individuals successful? What are the attitudes, techniques, and tricks that sets each of them apart — and how do they combat this dreaded roadblock of creativity and productivity?

When facing a list of tasks, Ferriss says the approach he tries first is to identify the task he should complete first by asking himself: Which one of these tasks, if done, will make the rest irrelevant or easier? Ferriss runs through several other tools for Big Think, such as applying specific positive constraints to your project, setting micro goals, underestimating yourself (yes, you read that correctly), using websites to enforce your goals, creating competition, making bets, and other creative approaches.

Put these tips to work today to help reduce any project intimidation or avoidance you may experience.

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