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100 post-training survey questions for every category

When constructed well, post-training survey questions can provide a wealth of information that helps guide future design decisions.
post training survey questions
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Carefully-designed post-training survey questions are necessary for making meaningful improvements to learning and development programs. They also help prove the value of L&D programs and calculate return on investment. 

Post-training survey questions can be constructed to yield quantitative data for easy tabulation and analysis, or qualitative data that can provide unanticipated insights. The latter often take the form of open-ended or free response questions. The former are primarily closed questions requiring a yes/no, true/false, or other binary response. They may also include multiple choice responses or rating scales.

100 post-training survey questions to choose from

The training evaluation questions below are organized into 10 categories – including questions about presentation, accessibility, and instructors. Most of these questions can be customized to be quantitative or qualitative, depending on the kind of data being sought. They can also be adapted for use in one-on-one interviews or focus groups. 

Questions about pre-training communication

  1. Was the purpose of the program clear from the pre-training communication you received?
  2. Did your experience in the program match the title and description that was communicated before the training?
  3. Did you find it hard to fit the training into your schedule? 
  4. Did you have any trouble finding the training location?
  5. Is there anything else that would’ve been helpful to know before the training began? 

Post-training survey questions about the learning environment

  1. Was it difficult to find the training location?
  2. Did you find the training space physically comfortable?
  3. Was the learning environment quiet enough for reflection?
  4. What, if any, external distractions were present in the training space?
  5. Did the program progress at a comfortable pace?
  6. Were there opportunities to interact with other learners? 
  7. Were there an appropriate number of participants for small group activities?
  8. How could the learning environment be improved?

Post-training survey questions about instructors

  1. Did you find the instructor(s) knowledgeable about the content?
  2. Did the instructor(s) seem enthusiastic about the content?
  3. Did the instructor(s) speak clearly and at an appropriate volume?
  4. Did you find the instructor(s) empathetic?
  5. Did the instructor(s) answer your questions clearly?
  6. Do you still have questions about anything that was addressed in the training?
  7. How organized did the instructor(s) seem throughout the program?
  8. Were the instructions for each activity communicated clearly?
  9. Which training activities, if any, needed more support or better direction from the instructor(s)?
  10. Overall, did you find the instructor(s) effective?
  11. What do you think the instructor(s) could have done more effectively?
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Post-training survey questions about program structure

  1. Did the program seem well organized?
  2. Was the structure of the content clear to you? 
  3. Could the different sections of the program be improved?
  4. Did you find all sections of the program equally interesting and engaging?
  5. Which sections were the least interesting and engaging?
  6. Were there enough opportunities to check your understanding of the content?
  7. How could the assessments be improved?
  8. Was the length of the program too long or short?
  9. How could the training time have been used more efficiently?

Post-training survey questions about the presentation of content

  1. Were there enough visual aids?
  2. Was there enough video content?
  3. Was there enough audio content? 
  4. Did these aids contribute to your understanding of the content?
  5. Was there enough variety in the types of learning activities?
  6. Could the sequence of learning activities be improved?
  7. Did the learning activities contribute to your understanding of the content?
  8. What was your favorite activity? 
  9. Was the content presented in an appropriate medium?
  10. Was the content explained with enough detail? 
  11. How effectively was the content presented?
  12. Which aspect of the content do you think was most effectively presented?
  13. Which aspects of the presentation could be improved?

Post-training survey questions about written content

  1. Did you find the written content easy to understand?
  2. Did you need to re-read the written content multiple times?
  3. Which written sections, if any, need improvement?
  4. Did you find the written content interesting?
  5. Which written materials did you find particularly effective?
  6. How would you rate the overall quality of the written materials?

Questions about online employee training

  1. Was this your first experience with online training? 
  2. Which device did you use? 
  3. Did you have any accessibility issues with online training? 
  4. Was the program user-friendly?
  5. Did you have any difficulty navigating the program?
  6. Were there clear instructions provided for using the program?
  7. How much time did it take to complete the training? 
  8. Was the quality of the program consistent throughout?
  9. Were there any faulty links in the program?
  10. Did all of the images load properly?
  11. Did all of the video segments load properly?
  12. Did all of the audio clips load properly?
  13. Did you notice any bugs or glitches in the program?
  14. How would you rate the overall design? 
  15. How do you think the online experience could be improved?

Post-training survey questions about accessibility

  1. Were all written materials in a font size that was easy to read?
  2. Were all visual elements easy to see?
  3. Did you have any trouble interpreting the visual elements?
  4. Did you have any trouble hearing during the training?
  5. Were you able to adjust the volume to an optimal level? 
  6. Were you given all of the materials and tools needed to complete the training?
  7. Did the instructor(s) designate time for questions?
  8. Could you relate to the examples included in the training?
  9. Which aspects of the training could be made more accessible? 

Survey questions for training effectiveness

  1. Did the course meet your expectations?
  2. What made this course effective?
  3. What made this course ineffective?
  4. Did you learn something new as a result of the training?
  5. What is the most important thing you learned during the training?
  6. Is there anything you can do now that you couldn’t before?
  7. Did the activities prepare you to apply your new knowledge on the job?
  8. Which activities did you learn the most from?
  9. Which activities did you learn the least from?
  10. Was there anything you learned that didn’t seem relevant to your job?
  11. How much of what you learned from this course do you think you’ll remember in a week?
  12. Would you take another course like this one?
  13. Would you recommend this course to others?
  14. Would you have preferred to take the training in a different medium? (e.g. online instead of classroom)
  15. How could the training be improved?

Questions about overall training experience

  1. Overall, were you satisfied with the training?
  2. Did you find the training to be engaging?
  3. Did the training help you reflect upon your actions?
  4. Do you think the training will help you make positive changes in future behavior?
  5. Would you like to participate in further training on this subject?
  6. Would you have liked further follow-up after completing the program?
  7. Would you have liked to receive material for further reading?
  8. Are there any related topics that you would like us to address in future training?
  9. Are there any other thoughts you would like to share with us about this training?

Final note

Post-training surveys are often administered within 24 hours of a program, while the experience is still fresh in the learners’ minds. But there is also good reason to collect feedback a few weeks or even months after the training, once learners can comment on the impact of the training on their job performance. 

There are a variety of digital tools that make developing and deploying surveys much easier. For example, Qualtrics automatically analyzes survey questions and recommends improvements. It also uses artificial intelligence to detect patterns in learners’ responses.

When constructed well, post-training survey questions can provide a wealth of information that helps guide future design decisions.

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