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Jonathan Haidt: Get to know Gen Z and build strong cross-generational teams

How do we integrate Gen Z into the 21st century workforce?

Intergenerational differences are challenging: whether it’s listening to grandpa’s lecture on what’s wrong with the world these days or trying to explain to a younger person why having an off-screen hobby is important. These challenges become amplified in the workplace, where many generations must work together toward a common goal.
How do we build cohesive company cultures when generational norms and expectations are wildly different?
Enter social psychologist Jonathan Haidt. He points out that Gen Z — a cohort born after 1995 — differs sharply from any generation before it. He offers advice for understanding the Gen Z mindset, which he argues is more sheltered and less independent.

Gen Z is now 32 percent of the global population and the latest generation to join the workforce. Learn how to prepare for the cultural upheaval to come with video lessons ‘For You’ and ‘For Business’ from Big Think+. You can sign up for yourself right now, or request a demo for your organization.

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